This app will allow Admin to create Stock categories and manage clients as per Categories. Admin can send suggestions to respective clients based on categories they have registered for. Also Clients can register for specific stock and can get suggestions from Admin. Accordingly clients can take required actions.


  • Application is in 11 major sectors, i.e. Basic Materials, Conglomerates, Consumer Goods, Financial, Health, Healthcare, Industrial Goods, Property, Services, Technology and Utilities.
  • Admin can add or remove sectors as s/he wish.
  • If any client has applied for any sector, respective sector cannot be removed or altered.
  • Admin can add/edit/delete Stock market sectors.
  • Admin can manage clients.
  • Admin has right to block any client if necessary.
  • Admin can send suggestions to clients to regarding any stock (notifications will be sent using Firebase Push Notification and if notifications are not delivered in specific time SMS will be sent).
  • Admin can view previously sent suggestions.
  • As client installs app, they will be asked to keep sufficient balance and a verification SMS will be sent from device to server (like in case of WhatsApp).
  • After initial registration client can opt for Stock sectors which they wish.
  • Client will receive suggestion Push Notification/ SMS for sectors they have opt for.

Project Technology

Technology : Android, Database : SQLite (on application end), MySql (on Web-service end), Api : RESTful APIs, JSON, Data Formats : JSON