Our Team

Knowledge Partner Professionals specialises in delivering enterprise level information management solutions for small to mid size organsiations. Our team of industry certified professionals includes highly skilled solution developers, designers, project managers and recruiters.

“Spread passion with respect & compassion” – Ash Raina

In his current role as founder of Brisbane based “Knowledge Partner Professionals”, an all-encompassing IT specialist company with deliverables across multiple platforms, Ash combines his entrepreneurial abilities with his kind nature to positively impact the lives of as many people as he can touch.

His ability to work within (& respect) diverse cultures has seen him successfully manage several regions like Australia, New Zealand and across Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). A professional journey spanning over eighteen years has seen him instrumental in the establishment of several businesses implementing their sales and business strategies.

Ash can call upon a vast international network of business associates, having successfully built key partnerships in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Europe and US. His business acumen spreads across several diverse sectors covering such verticals as Education, Media Entertainment, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing and Automobiles.

To carry such an array of international contacts and business experience affords Ash the opportunity to utilise his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science – a qualification gained at the prestigious Pune University in India.

The work ethics and business history of Ash speaks to us as kindly as his present-day activities with numerous acts of generosity showcased by his involvement in many community beneficial projects and events.

Ash supports social and political initiatives as well as organises large scale events for the benefit of social integration of the Indian culture with the Australian way of life. As founder of community groups like “Kashmiri Pandits Australia” and “Kashmiri Pandit Professionals”, Ash is also heavily involved in local community and school fetes, along with community radio and newspapers.

Ash’s philosophy is the hallmark he believes in passionately both in the professional and personal sphere of his life. In his spare time, what there is of it, Ash is a dedicated traveller, avid cricket enthusiast and someone who likes to keep a close tab on politics.

More information can be found at: [highlight dark=”no”]Ash Raina on LinkedIn[/highlight]